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This act gets it´s inspiration from lovecraftian horror. All mighty Cthulhuness is coming.


This act takes its inspiration from Moomin Valleys Ninny (The Invisble Child). It is also very personal story how invisible girl became visible burlesque artist.

2.Shadow lady

Act tells about mental health struggles and how sometimes you don´t want to bee seen. By the power of burlesque this narrative changes and been seen feels powerful and important.

This act includes feather fans.


4.SEKASIN 24/7

Act about mental health awareness.


This horrorlesque number gets it´s inspiration from Resident Evil Village games Lady Dimitrescu. She same time scares and charms people with her mighty appearance!


6.Handmade heaven

This act carries you through dark winter to lively summer. It also has deeper and more personal meaning about fighting with chronic depression. 

7. snow white goes rebel

What happens when Snow White loses her Prince Charming?



Is this witch good or bad? Or maybe both? mine

Number tells about obsessive love and it is also throwback to glamorous 1930's. 

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10. Radioactive

Tšernobyl, Harrisburg, Sellafield, Hiroshima... Discovered by Marie Curie...


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